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Tower Tech comes to the rescue!
Ocean Ridge airport needs help
Ocean Ridge Airport is located a mile from the Pacific Ocean, and is 940 feet above sea level. An old postcard declares that is sits "above the fog, beyond the smog".

The CA Department of Transportation informed the airport owners that needed repairs are needed to fingerpost AA standards. An airport association had been formed with the goal of raising the necessary resources. If the needed funds are not raised, this historic airport could be closed.
Click on Photo to read complete story
Click on Photo to read complete story
Click on Photos to read complete story
Click on Photo to read complete story.
Tower Tech temporary tower The Bay Bomers Squadron fly at Columbia Airport
The Bay Bombers Squadron fly at the FDFI
At the recent Father's Day Fly-In, the Bay Bomber Squadron flew in a formation display. The Bay Bombers are a team pilots flying in precision to preform in the afternoon air show.

The team 5 aircraft, determined by the organizers needs and RedStar volunteers include multiple passes in front of the audience in varied military formation configurations. They pre- formed the "Finger-Four", "Echelon" and "Diamond" formation, all maneuvers that are unique to the RedStars performance.
Our Rural Airports
The importance
of our rural airports
Our rural airports in most cases are time capsule to an earlier time. Most have not change much over the years. They are not like the major airports that have commercial flights. Rural airports feel much like traveling back in time.

In the gold country, Highway 49 is the major highway along the western slope of the Sierra. The "Forty-niners" roots trace the path traveler took searching for gold. Our gold country is living history and you can explore the many building along your way.
The Important's of our rural airports
Ocean Ridge Airport needs
your help
Drones have been flying for years by the military and hobbyists. However, in recent years, the development of drones for commercial use has exploded. They are now poised to be used from everything from crop surveys to law enforcement, fighting fires and thousands of commercial jobs from delivering packages, selling real estate and aerial photography.

A new challenge now faces the FAA. Should they mandate that a drone pilot who charges for his or her services hold a commercial pilot's license?
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